Dating Questions For Men

It's kind of a puzzle; when you start dating someone you want to know whether or not they are looking for the same things you are, but in many cases, you are afraid to ask. It's considered a no - no to ask questions about marriage and babies too early in the relationship. But if you don't ask, you run the risk of falling for someone who wants something different than you want. What is the appropriate time to ask dating questions for men?

I have always been a big fan of honesty. I've never enjoyed the games that seem to come along with dating, especially the so called rules. You know what I mean, things like: you should never call a guy  - let him call you, or that neither you nor he should call each other for at least a few days after a date or you might look too interested.

To me, that stuff is just plain stupid. If I meet someone and I really enjoyed our date, why play games? What is the harm in letting him know that I like him and that I had fun? If he isn't a very nice person and he will use that knowledge against me, better to know now than later, isn't it?

If he would do that, he will do it later too. Why not just find out early in the relationship that he isn't the guy you thought he was and move on? At least that is the way I've always felt about it.

To make things easier for you and your dating, here are some good dating questions for men that you may want to ask.

Some of them are pretty personal so it might be better to wait until you've dated several times first, but I see no reason why you can't discuss your overall hopes and goals with him early in the relationship.

Just be careful how you phrase things. It's ok to let him know that you want to get married and have kids, for example, just make it clear that you don't mean tomorrow!

1. Asking him, in a casual way of course, what his career goals are is a great place to start. This is often a line of conversation that happens very early on.

As a matter of fact, one of the most common questions that people ask each other when they meet is "what do you do for a living?".

2. Casually mentioning that when you meet the right person, some day, you want to get married and have kids is not really even a question but it sure lets him know that that is your goal.

If he has already been married or already has kids and doesn't want to have any more he will know where you are coming from and you may both decide to move on before things go any further.

3. Once the two of you start to get serious and are considering a life together, asking questions about finances, child rearing, religion, etc. are appropriate.

As a matter of fact, too few people discuss these things when they are dating, then they feel blindsided when they marry and find out they have vary differing views on how the finances should be handled, or their views on how to discipline a child, etc.

Asking some dating questions for men fairly early in the relationship may be frowned upon by some, but I think it is just a smart move and one that may save you some heartache later on.

Dating Etiquette For Men

It is true, times have changed and so has the dating etiquette for men. It used to be pretty straight forward, the man would ask his date out, he would pick her up, he would pay for the date, etc. Today, things are a little more complicated but at the end of the day, everyone wants to feel like they are respected and being treated well.

As a woman, I know that all women are different. It is difficult to know what your date likes in regards to the dating etiquette for men, until you get to know her better. That is one of the reasons that first dates can be so scary.

To take some of the fear out of the first few dates, I would recommend that a man err on the side of caution. It will rarely be a problem if you treat your date too well.

As you get to know her better, you may learn that she would like to pay for the date on occasion or that she enjoys calling you up and asking you out. If so, and if you are ok with those "role reversals" let her do it.

If you aren't comfortable with it the two of you probably aren't really compatible anyway and it may not work out.

Here are some common things that men can do to make their lady feel appreciated. But, as I said above, if you find that one or more of these things turn her off, stop doing them. Listening to what she is telling you is the ultimate rule of thumb.

1. It's ok to open the door for her, though don't be surprised if she opens it for you if she happens to get there first. I used to appreciate it when a man would hold the door for me, but I wasn't going to stand there like an invalid waiting for him. If I got there first I would open it for him.

Either way it is just common courtesy.

2. No matter how independent the woman is I don't know of any one who would appreciate their date sitting in the car honking the horn. Get out of the car and go up to the door. That is the courteous thing to do with your date.

Again, as you get to know her and if she tells you that she doesn't mind you staying in the car, then fine, do that.

But at the beginning of the relationship show her courtesy and get your rear end out of the car and go to the door.

3. Never presume to order for her. For many women this is a huge turnoff. If she asks your advice or she asks you to do it, then fine, but other than that don't treat her like a child. Few women will consider that appropriate.

Also, when it is time to order, turn to her and allow her to go first. This is just a courteous thing to do.

There are many more dating etiquette for men tips that I could share but at the end of the day it is simply about you treating her with respect and like an equal. She is not a child and she is not your subordinate. If you want to be successful treat her like the unique individual she is.

Best Movies For A First Time Date

Best Movies For A First Time Date

You've asked her out and thought dinner and a movie would a good idea. Now you want to know what the best movies for a first time date are.

First of all it depends on what is playing at the time of your date. Go through the listings and make a short list of what you think she may like to see.

Then, the next time you speak with her present her with the list and ask her to make her selection or make her own suggestion as to which movie to see.

The best movies for a first time date would most likely be what they call a "chick flick". I can hear the groaning already, but some silly rom-com would actually be perfect.

Maybe you could get lucky and she is not into those types of movies at all, that's why you need to ask. Never assume, or presume, anything about your date. Her tastes may run completely different from any other woman you dated in the past.

Heck she may even like to watch sports on TV, you will never know until you spend time with her or you open your mouth and ask her.

Usually though, "chick flicks" are the way to go.

I would advise against anything too violent like war movies or alien invasion movies unless they are tear jerkers like "War Horse", or "Titanic" or like "ET" was back in the day. I know I am probably aging myself with that one but you get the idea.

Asking her what types of movies she likes is all about getting to know her. Communication is something that is learned and to do it well you have to keep those lines open at all times.

Not to mention, you nee to listen and remember what she say about the things she likes and the things she doesn't. Not just movies but music and flowers and stores she buys her clothes and shoes.

You need a well rounded knowledge of her and the same goes for her, as well. Do not be shy in telling her the types of movies, music and whatever else you deem appropriate about yourself to her so she can remember those things about you.

It is all about getting to know each other so the relationship can progress steadily.

For the first few dates I would actually steer clear of the big blow 'em up, shoot 'em up kinds of movies. She may like them well enough but they may not be appropriate until you get to know each other better.

Scary movies may be a good choice and then again, they may not be, depends on the movie. You could try one that has a good plot and maybe even one that has a few of those "startle" moments so she jumps into your arms and gets popcorn everywhere.

All in all, the best movies for a first time date are whatever she picks from the available choices at the time.

Lelaki yang baik itu

Lelaki yang baik itu :

Tak akan mudah menggoda wanita.
Tak akan mudah merayu-rayu wanita.
Tak akan mudah tebar janji pada wanita.
Tak akan mau menjerumuskan wanita.

Wanita yang baik itu :

Tak akan mudah digoda lelaki.
Tak akan mudah dirayu-rayu lelaki.
Tak akan mudah hanyut pada janji manis lelaki.
Tak akan mudah diajak untuk bermaksiat.

Ia akan pandai menjaga kehormatan dirinya.
Ia akan melindungi hatinya dari nafsu yang akan menjebaknya.
Ia akan membentengi dirinya dengan keteguhan iman.

Ia akan selalu berhati-hati dan selalu menjaga.
Kapan waktu yang tepat untuk melabuhkan cintanya.
Kapan waktu yang tepat untuk menambatkan hatinya.
Dan kepada siapa orang yang tepat untuk menjadi pendampingnya.

Ia sudah berketetapan hati.
Untuk siapa kasih sayangnya akan diberikan.
Untuk siapa nafas cintanya akan diserahkan.

Tiada lain..
Hanya untuk untuk pasangan halalnya nanti.

Dan Yang Pasti siapa yang Like dan Share status ini
admin do'akan, Semoga dapat Jodoh yang Sangat Setia
dan Sakinah Mawaddah warohmah.. Aamiin

Adidas KOTR 2012

3 years running for KOTR. This year, it's a whole new gang.

I did 8km in 1 hour, which is good to my standard. Then i slowed down, then getting slower hahah. Must have constant motivation while running. Tsk

I completed the run in 2:21:57 a little slower than last year. Mesti lebih gemok ni. Nonetheless, it was a good run.

Oh wait, ET Tey wasn't around for KOTR so no professional running pics of yours truly. Aiseh.

The longest traffic ordeal

Hi. My name is Mira. I live in Ampang and working in Putrajaya. I travel about 80km daily from home to work and back. A year of working in Putrajaya,i never complaint about the daily traffic until last week, 4th Sept 2012. Some anniversary gift of 1 yr in Putrajaya.

Ha....dramatik tak intro. Heheh

It was my 2nd day of puasa enam. I planned to berbuka at home. The rain has come pouring since afternoon and i have predicted the bad traffic. But not to this extend. Usually, before heading home i will check the @kltrafficupdate tweets to plan my way home. Looking at the tweets on that day, it was congested everywhere so i decided to take my usual route rather than MEX highway.

I left the office about 6.20pm. The congestion started from putrajaya. It took me a good 1 hour to get to the UPM exit. But it was a stand still traffic there. So i move on to kajang-putrajaya exit. The traffic was fine until after the toll. After passing the barrier, im stuck in the stand still traffic for another 1.5 hours.

I had 2 packet of biscuits and water for breakfast. Im hungry, im tired, i just wanted to get home. A lot of drivers made diversion to south to escape the non moving traffic. The soon after all diverted to south, me and 2 other car finally made our way to plus hway. To my surprise, it was another stand still traffic vehicles were allowed to pass through. There it was, the biggest kolam renang on road ever.

I was shocked. Rasa macam dlm movie huahua.

I was diverted to south, and suddenly i don't know how to go home. Few friends called up to check whether i was ok. I don't know why i didn't stop for a meal at the rest area. I guess that i don't want to leave my car. I just wanna go home.

Worse come to worse i'll go to airport coz stud is there. But that didn't happen la. Otak drama sekejap.

Zig zagging on the road finally at 10.30pm, i am home. I could kiss the gate if i want to but i was too exhausted to even pull the handbrake. Haha.

Anyway, thx to ppl who entertained my drama on that day. U know who u are. 2 keping gambar untuk tatapan kongsi drama beramai.

Red, black & glamour

That was the theme of my office's 1st annual dinner. 
4 weeks ago, when the committee made the announcement about the dinner, everyone (mostly the ladies) have been planning what to wear and who to wear. sebab kita bukan hollywood, 'who to wear' tu applies to butik pengantin, kedai costume dan kedai jual dresses...which the tukang jahit tidak tersohor langsung. ;)
to make sure the success of the event, our managing director has handpicked the committee. i am one of the chosen one. oh, april was such a whirlwind for me. i have to prepare myself for the dinner and also i have to arrange staff performance. i used my solid power (kau!) and select kawan-kawan sebulu masuk performance. so kurang lah rasa terpaksa sebab, ala kita kan geng. 
gedebak-gedebuk, 1 week down to annual dinner. 
dress. got my kaftan dress. red, with bling empire waist.
MIRAmlah Ram
make up. at first i decided to do my own make up (which im not good at), BUT...when i heard the clerks are hiring professional make up artist, mak tak boleh biarkan clerks lagi glamer daripada mak. hehe. jadi kita masuk geng mekap sekali, walaupun last minit. zass.
gembira mekap tak gomak
tudung. thank god for youtube, some minah arab ajar to style hijab. i lost count how many times i poked my head and ear during hijab styling trial session =_='
suka amek gambar sendiri
clutch. bukan takda, tapi yang ada tak glamour. so on the day of the event, i went to sg wang to get some cheap yet blingy clutch. i have to be at the venue as early as might as well kill 2 birds with one stone. hah siap peribahasa.
shoes. pasrah aje dengan kasut yang ada.
finally...the night is here. dinner starts at 8pm. the show opened by AC Mizal, follwed by gong ceremony and makan. i missed the magic show, because i have to be backstage to standby (ehem) for the staff's performance. menyerlahkan bakat terperam. we sang 5 medley, and some joget-joget also.
3/12 of The Chungits, during rehearsal
2nd medley, dangdut. barulah ramlah ram.
overall, i think the dinner went well. MD seems pleased...staffs seems to have a good time...that is most important for us the committee. and..i won the lucky draw!! i never got lucky when it comes to lucky draw. i didn't win the grand prize, but still LUCKY enough to win shopping voucher. kalau menang tv susah kat rumah ni ada 9 bijik dah..mana nak letak kan mama? 40inch pulak tu.
i (secretly) wish that there will be another round of annual dinner next year. jyeah
oh, ladies at work. we somehow bond tanpa paksaan i swear. haha
Ain - Eja - Kak Ram